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When it’s time to relax, you don’t need the added pressures of arranging your vacation. Save yourself the headache! Whether it’s sailing the seas of the Mediterranean or sipping a pina colada on a beach in Mexico, we will attend to every detail. Grab your suitcase and get ready to breathe easy.

About Us

Be Traveled approaches travel with a progressive outlook. Chelsey Washington, Owner and Director of Be Traveled, has lived and breathed travel for as long as she can remember. Let Chelsey and Be Traveled help you discover your somewhere. Be Traveled specializes in Mexico, Caribbean and Europe.

Why Be Traveled?

A travel agent is your greatest asset when planning a trip.  There’s no website or app that can work with you on a personalized level like Be Traveled can. Not to mention, you'll get expert advice, insights and save yourself loads of time. There are many facets to consider when planning a vacation.   We’ll look at your preferred brands, price/budget, amenities, availability and travel experience, among many other items to plan the perfect trip.

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